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So I meant to write about this a while ago, but ya know…things pop up and I got distracted.

Anyways – how about that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in the newest, and hopefully last, Fast and Furious installment? Do not get me wrong, I loved the first two. But the last couple, meh. I would have left them out if I were in charge of this saga. But that is merely opinion.

I remember the very first F&F – The Fast and The Furious. One word – Wowza. I was so excited to be able to expound upon my car knowledge to my, sadly, less car obsessed friends in Junior High did not posses.

See, having an uncle who is one of the largest gear heads I have ever met made me realize that to talk to him for more than a couple of minutes and then descend into awkward silence, I had to become a gear head as well. Little did I know that my attempts to relate would lead to me being able to explain away the car jargon into words my friends could understand.

Watching that first movie made me want to run off and become a wheelrunner or a stunt driver or a drag racer. Anything that involved awesome cars that went that fast. I still hold that dream close to my heart ( my ’91 Taurus can’t haul ass like the Toyota Supra Turbo or the Mitsubishi Eclipse RS, but I make due with what I got), but more practical ideas have gotten in the way of fulfilling that one.

So… the newest installment – Fast and Furious. As usual, there is a conflict. This time it is with drug runs across the Mexico/United States borders…fitting for the times huh? And Dom (Diesel) and Brian (Walker) are waist deep in it all. There are chases, races, stunts, and FX that makes the head spin with trying to keep up with it all. The movie ends on a cliffhanger, like most have. Things are left up in the air – Did they? Didn’t they? Where are they going now? Those sort of questions.  

Did I also mention that the  ’70 Chevelle SS finally makes its way back into the car lineup? I quite literally fell out of my seat and gave a slightly high pitched scream when I learned this (ask the friend who told me… she can vouch for me). This is one of the cars on my dream car list. To have a ’70 Chevelle SS – especially if there is a free Vin Diesel inside would make my day.

I haven’t seen it yet. I feel like I have committed some travesty by not doing so. It’s on my list of movies to see – along with the X-Men Origins: Wolverine.. out on May 1st…so excited. But with my usual movie luck, I will most likely need to buy the DVD to see it. Oh well. I am not complaining about that.



Here’s another one for you

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Okay, this is the last one for the night. I think.

Yes, this guy is another NACA Northern Plains find. Gotta love a place that gives out free music so I can refresh my collection and find what I like of what’s new.

From L.A., Andy is a beat-boxing singer-songwriting, acoustic rocker – who is also funny as hell. his impression of Timbaland… check it out for yourself.

yep, I said that  he beat boxes. With the best of them as a matter of fact – if I do say so.

I was fascinated by this guy improving his beat boxing and trumpet sounds without a looping rig. Everytime the beats were brought in, he would go at it. It was awesome to watch and listen to.

Plus, he’s cute. Am I right or am I right?



For the more interested of you who read this post, check out more on Andy via his myspace.

A bit more music in my soul

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Here’s another one… you can expect a few more in quick secession, so bare with me.

Lovesick Radio

So now that the video blitz is done…

Lovesick radio hails from the one and only rock capital of Columbus, Ohio. At NACA Northern Plains when they showcased I was instantly tuned in – which doesn’t happen that often to be honest.

It is refreshing to hear a rock band that can straddle the line of being popular and having an indie edge with ease – in most cases the band lands on either side with results that not always pan out.

And they do covers that are completely awesome. Check out the Eddie Money’s Take Me Home Tonight cover they do up above in this post if you are sceptical… there is also this crazy mash up of  Ice – Ice Baby, Under Pressure, and Dance Dance they do… but I can’t find it on youtube right this second *sigh*.

But tune in an ear and see what I mean. If you, by chance, become intrigued, check them out here.

Here’s that music I got in my soul

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As I promised from my earlier post, here is the music that I came back with from NACA (check out the previous post if you really want to know the acronym). This and many more to follow close behind.

Derek James

This guy is funky. And the funk is good. Derek is of the singer-songwriter disposition and he hails from from Brooklyn. His music is self-described as “Momma blushin’, old-school, bubble-gum poppin’ rock”. Combining rockabilly and swing sounds into the folky melodies of his guitar playing, Derek automatically had me hooked when he showcased at NACA Northern Plains.

Did I mention this guy rocks the kazoo like a mad man? No joke. He’s good at it. Check the youtubes and lend an ear.

And here’s his myspace if you are intrigued and desiring more info.

Holy Crap

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I just stumbled across this amazing social experiment. It’s called the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. Unknown virtuosos submitted from all around the world and those selected are to play in Carnegie Hall together as a symphony orchestra.

This to me is astounding. There is so much talent compressed into this select group of former nobodies that it is mind boggling really.

You have to check this out. I have no words to really express my amazement and wonder at this experience. All I can really say is that I am still wearing the bewildered grin on my face and the chills have  yet to go away.

And another thing, you are a SMUCK if you don’t check this out. Trust me on this one.

Here are a couple of my favorites that whoever reads this blog post must check out…NOW….



Some new music in my soul is what I’ve got…and a head cold

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I’ve just gotten back from the NACA – National Association of Campus Activities for those who don’t know the acronym – Northern Plains Conference. I love going to this conference.

This is where I refresh and revamp my collection of indie and alt music – from the quasi-country folk to new-blues and the crazy different sounds of rock hanging around.

That and get a ridiculous head cold.

Look for some writings about some of this music. Some you may have heard of, others mayhaps not.

This just in…

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I just heard that apparently Mr. Johnny Depp has been in an episode of Spongebob Square Pants.

This needs to be investigated more. I am intrigued. He is everywhere lately.